The Rollout Shelf is preassembled and attached to its own installation platform. To install the shelf, attach the platform to the cabinet floor using 4 screws.

Unique "2 Minute Installation"
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Improve Your Life with Rollout Shelves!

  • Easily reach EVERYTHING in your cabinets.

  • No more kneeling and searching for items.

  • Adds resale value to your home.


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Watch our video to learn about the value of our rollout shelves,
the quality features and easy installation!

One Low Price per Rollout!

ALL SIZES: $89! (plus $15 shipping)

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: 10"-30" wide (in 1-inch

DEPTHS: 21.5", 18.5", 16.5"

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Measure and Install Service Available Across US.
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Testimonials from Happy Customers

HGTVHGTV Recommends Add-On Rollouts in their Smart Kitchen Makeover strategy.
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"I truly love my rollouts... I don't know why I waited so long!"

- Debbie B., Fallbrook, CA

"After refacing my kitchen cabinets, these rollouts really completed my kitchen upgrade."

- Dennis B., San Diego, CA

"My mother loves her Rollouts...the best gift we ever gave her."

- Rebecca B., Vista, CA

Winner at National Hardware Show

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